No Injuries Reported in Union Co. Funnel Cloud

UNION COUNTY, NC — The Charlotte area is getting its first taste of the stormy weather on the way over the next 24 hours.

Viewer video shows a funnel cloud on ground briefly in Union County. The National Weather Service will have to determine if this was an actual tornado.

It was spotted near Stack and Jug Broome Roads near Monroe just after 5:00 tonight. The funnel cloud took down several trees and an out building, but no one was injured.

We talked to one resident who watched as it came into his backyard, just missing the home.

“It was quiet. Then all of a sudden it was like everything started to pick up, and whirling around in the air. The trees were just moving around everywhere,” said Union County resident Aaron Rumbold.

There were no active tornado warnings during the sighting.