Gastonia Family Mourns 21-Month-Old Riley

GASTONIA, NC — “The family has always had hope she would make it through. They’ve been by her bedside since this happened,” said family friend Kim Johnson.

Sadly, 21-month-old Riley Bradley’s fight came to an end, leaving her family to mourn her just days after Christmas.

“They are really devastated from their loss. Riley was a great child, and the whole family is devastated and upset,” said Johnson.

Gastonia Police say a car hit the little girl December 23 after she wandered outside her home on Westbrook Circle while her mom was busy inside.

“She was a happy girl. She was always dancing, bubbly. She always wanted people to be around her,” said Johnson.

Family friends say after multiple surgeries, the Bradleys delayed celebrating Christmas, hoping she could come home to join them.

“I think it’s been a roller coaster ride for them. They get, you hear positive news, then different news, and they’ve done what they can do to get through this week,” said Johnson.

The driver kept going after hitting Riley. Police used a neighbor’s dash cam video to track down a maroon Hyundai Elantra, but haven’t named the driver.

Now family friends say the Bradleys want to remind everyone how precious every moment of life is.

“Hug your kids at night, and love everyone, and love each other, and hold your family close,” said Johnson.

Gastonia Police say the driver is cooperating. The DA could decide next week if charges will be filed.

Also, the family has set up this Go Fund Me page for medical and other expenses for the family.