City Council Member Calls for More Officers

CHARLOTTE, NC — One city council member told WCCB Charlotte that the city needs at least 90 more officers. That’s because crime hot spots are now spreading to other areas.

Violent crimes like murder saw a huge spike in 2015. CMPD investigated 62 murders last year. That’s twenty more than in 2014, and a nearly 50 percent increase year to year.

“I still think we need at least 90,” said Councilwoman Claire Fallon (D). “I mean, this place is the Wild West now; it’s the Hatfields and McCoys and it’s all over.” She continued, “But the point, in fact, for the public’s protection: we need police on the street.”

Police Chief Kerr Putney told city council in November that he wanted to recruit more officers locally to help combat violent criminals. The Chief said when new officers were hired in 2008, crime dropped.