Hundreds Attend “Stay Alive” Peace Rally in Charlotte

Tonight community leaders and local residents fed up with crime are speaking out.

The group joined the ‘Building Boys 2 Men’ organization for the “Stay Alive” peace rally at Marshall park.

The purpose of the rally was to let young people know that crime doesn’t have to be an option.

Nearly 100 braved the cold, to voice their outrage over the rising crime in Charlotte.

“Everybody says lives matter. But no one is trying to do anything to show these kids that they don’t have to live the way they are living an dying the way they are dying,” says Debra Sanders.

With signs that read, “We will survive” and “Stop the killing 704” the message at this -Stay Alive Rally- was loud and clear.

“Until we come together and band together put the resources back into the community and teach the youth how to become better aware of the decisions that there making,” says one of the organizers, Will Adams.

Decisions organizers say are leading to more young people committing crimes and even dying.

“My son is gone,” says Stephanie Harrison, who lost her son to violence, and hopes to help the next person.

“We need to come together as a community and as a whole, everybody its no thing as Black or White,” says Harrison

“It’s just very important let the kids know they don’t have to live this way things that’s going on maybe have some support somebody to teach them show them how to live maybe some things will change,” says Sanders.

A first step everyone here is ready to take.

“Action, we got to make action stop doing the talk and stop turning our head from these children like they”re not ours,” says Sanders.

“It’s a process of not letting this be the beginning and the end. This is just the start of a movement,” says Marcus Davis.”