Mail, Credit Cards, and Checkbooks Stolen from South Charlotte Mailboxes

CHARLOTTE, NC – A thief empties dozens of South Charlotte mailboxes, getting away with credit cards, checks, and packages. Police say they now have a suspect in custody.
32-year-old Soheli Rezaie is charged with possession of stolen property, possession of marijuana, and two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon.
He was arrested after a traffic stop Wednesday.
Investigators think he’s the person who’s been targeting dozens of mailboxes in the Ellington Park neighborhood in South Charlotte.
“I walked outside and literally every mailbox. they took everything out of every mailbox,” says neighbor Rachel Jones.
Jones says she didn’t get a package she was expecting. And other people in the neighborhood across from the Blakeney Shopping Center say they had credit cards that were activated and checkbooks that never arrived.
“We filed a police report and then like another week later, the mail was gone yet again. All the mailboxes were open,” Jones explains.
At each address WCCB stopped at, we saw one thing in common. The mailboxes were all grouped together – and hard to see from inside.
‘All of the mailboxes are in the alleyway behind the homes, which is where is the garages are, so there’s usually not a lot of visibility back there,” says neighbor Michelle Cannon.
She’s another victim. Cannon says she was sending a birthday card to a friend – with a gift card inside.
“That disappeared from my mailbox. And she never got the gift card,” Cannon explains.
Neighbors say they’re relieved there’s been an arrest, but are still upset about what happened.
“It’s unfortunate. It’s my understanding that there is quite a bit of mail. And that it will take months and months to go through it all,” Cannon says.