Exclusive: Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Tells WCCB Assault Claims Are Bogus

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Peter Thomas says he is innocent.  Husband of main cast member Cynthia Bailey, Thomas says he is a target for people trying to take advantage.

“I’ll be a million percent vindicated from this idiot and his accusation. He’s a male groupie and he’s trying to get attention,” said Thomas.

Catching the attention of gossip sites like TMZ and blogs around the world. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star says the accusations that he assaulted a patron at his bar is false. And a result of his fame on the show.

“I been on this show for 6 seasons, 80 percent those that walk through the door probably watch the show, but no one is as obnoxious (as him),” says Thomas.

The man claims Peter tossed him at a table, injuring his head after trying to discuss a business deal.

Thomas says the man injured himself when he fell on ice outside.

“He said I pushed him, he hit is head, he will have to explain that to the court. When did that happen?” says Thomas.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department says the incident on January 24th happened around 1:30 a.m.

The victim alleged to officers that he was assaulted by Thomas at Sports One Bar and Restaurant on College Street. But after further investigation and consulting with an off-duty officer and witness to the incident, the determination was made that no assault occurred.