NC Legislature Approves New Congressional Maps

RALEIGH, NC — North Carolina’s primary election is March 15th, but voters may have to wait until June to cast ballots in Congressional races. The legislature signed off on new district maps Friday.

The lines were redrawn after a three-judge panel ruled districts 1 and 12 unconstitutional. Lawmakers also approved moving the Congressional primaries to June 7th.

The Board of Elections says everyone should still vote for Congressional candidates on March 15th, in case the Supreme Court overrules the panel’s decision.

“We want everybody to get out and vote now,” said Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director Michael Dickerson. “Even if you see you’ll have the Congressional 9, 12, or 8 on your ballot here in Mecklenburg County, just vote anyway, even if they change that part of it. Then we’ll handle that in June.”

Governor McCrory sued on behalf of the state, asking Chief Justice John Roberts to not uphold the panel’s decision. If Roberts sides with the state, the Congressional district maps will go back the old version.