Charlotte Hornets Release New Scoreboard Design

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (News Release) – The Charlotte Hornets unveiled renderings of the team’s new center-hung scoreboard and four corner-hung auxiliary boards that will be installed in Time Warner Cable Arena starting in July.

The new center-hung scoreboard, which will be one of the biggest in the NBA, will consist entirely of high definition electronic LED panels, with the screen forming the entire face of the scoreboard. The size of the two sideline boards will be 25.2’ high x 42.8’ wide, while the two end zone boards will be 18’ high x 31.3 wide. The scoreboard’s square footage increase will be 180% larger for the sideline boards and 50% larger for the end zone boards compared to the team’s current scoreboard, providing Hornets fans with an enhanced game experience. The panels on the current center-hung scoreboard within Time Warner Cable Arena all measure 16’ high x 24’ wide.

Additionally, the scoreboard will have two underbelly screens measuring 9.8’ high x 16.5’ wide to provide a better view for those fans sitting in courtside and lower-level club seats. The lone static graphic on the scoreboard is reserved for the arena’s naming rights holder, Time Warner Cable, at the top of the scoreboard. Also, the top and bottom of each board will have electronic tabs that will allow for additional partner branding.

In an effort to provide Hornets fans with the best visual experience possible, the new high-definition (1080p) video displays will claim the most advanced and highest-grade LED components available today from Cree, Inc. Hornets fans will be introduced to one of the highest-resolution scoreboards in the NBA boasting a 70% increase in resolution from the team’s current scoreboard.

The scoreboard’s Hornets-branded elements will make it one of the NBA’s most unique designs. The open-faced structure will allow fans to see through to the scoreboard’s “hive,” the cell pattern cladding and branding within the board that connects the screens. Along with being a highly sophisticated and complex structure, the scoreboard serves as an artistic expression that represents the home of the Hornets. Through the addition of spider lighting technology, there will be an ability to change the color of the lighting within the “hive” to any color, including the team’s iconic purple and teal.

“A scoreboard is the focal point of patrons in an arena and is a key component of the fan experience,” said Hornets Sports & Entertainment President & COO Fred Whitfield. “We wanted a scoreboard that not only enhanced the game experience but one that clearly featured our Hornets DNA. Like our court, when people see this scoreboard, they will have no doubt that it is part of the home of the Hornets.”

As part of the overall scoreboard project, the Hornets will incorporate four corner-hung auxiliary boards in the upper level. Each board will feature a video screen in the center flanked by static signage on each side, with the goal of continuing to improve the fan experience for those in the upper level. The additional video boards will keep fans closer to the action, provide additional game information and statistics and allow more branding opportunities for team partners. The corner boards are a one-of-a-kind engineering feat as they will be retractable with the ability to move up or down depending on the events within the building.

Additionally, new lower and upper fascia LED signage will be installed in Time Warner Cable Arena, providing the arena with two rows of 360 LED ribbon board.

The scoreboard was designed by the Anthony James Partners (AJP) design team with approval and influence by the Hornets and the NBA. AJP is a worldwide leader in AV technology and has a track record of working with the highest-profile professional sports teams. The scoreboard will be constructed by YESCO Electronics, a division of Samsung Electronics and an industry leader in digital signage. Construction of the scoreboard is scheduled to start mid-July and run through the beginning of September. The scoreboard will debut in time for the start of the Hornets 2016-17 NBA season.