Son Charged for Murdering His 82-Year-Old Mother

CHARLOTTE, NC — The violent murder of 82-year-old Ina Feldman rocked her quiet South Charlotte neighborhood, and for two years her killer remained at large. Countless hours of investigation and interviews led police to their suspect; the man many felt should have been charged from the start.

“Today, homicide detectives developed probable cause and made an arrest,” said CMPD Major Cam Shelvey. “The subject arrested is Mrs. Feldman’s son, Irwin J. Feldman.”

Ina Feldman was found strangled and beaten to death in her South Charlotte townhouse in February of 2014. It was the type of crime that doesn’t happen in the 4900 block of Torrey Pines Court.

Her son Irwin was the one who found her body and called 911. Now he’s charged with her murder.

“We reached a point, the totality of the circumstances that we were dealing with, between the physical evidence and the interviews, led us to the point where we had probable cause to make the arrest,” said Major Shelvey.

CMPD says Irwin Feldman came in voluntarily for questioning Thursday morning, and was arrested following that interview. Major Shelvey didn’t release a motive for the killing, or say why it took so long to make this arrest. But he did have a message for Ina Feldman’s neighbors.

“No reason for that community to be afraid of any sort of random violence, or any sort of outstanding suspect,” said Major Shelvey. “We have made and arrest, and unfortunately it was her son. But this is a known suspect.”

Irwin Feldman has no previous criminal record. CMPD also questioned Feldman’s wife this afternoon. There is no word on whether she will face any charges.