Suspects Arrested For Murder After Trying To Hide Body

ALBERMARLE, NC– ” This goes to show community watch works ”

Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman says its thanks to a concerned citizen and quick police response that 71 year old Robert Hearne junior’s body was found near this abandoned home.


Robert’s nephew Toni Hearne and a woman named Linsey Lentz are charged with First Degree Murder.

Sheriff Bowman says the citizen saw Hearne and Lentz drive down this dirt road off Highway 64 near Taylorsville.

Thinking it was suspicious, they called a captain with the sheriff’s office.

” When he responded he found a grey lincoln continental just behind the tape on incline that was stuck and couldn’t get out ”

After talking to the suspects the Capt. called for backup.

That’s when investigators followed this path in the woods where they suspected something had been dragged and found Robert Hearne’s naked body.

“He was covered in leaves and these tires and boards, on top of him , naked.” Sheriff Bowman says they have no clue what brought the suspects to this vacant land all the way from Albemarle, but timing worked out for authorities to make the arrests.

” It would have been very possible it would have been very hard case to solve if it wouldn’t have been for the concerned citizen. “