Any Shot Of Hosting A Super Bowl At Risk?

After a lot of back and forth, the North Carolina General Assembly will hold a special session Wednesday.

The goal, for some lawmakers, is to stop the “Radical Charlotte Bathroom Ordinance.”

Lt. Governor Dan Forest and House Speaker Tim Moore say they want to repeal it before it goes into effect April 1.

And here’s how the Super Bowl joins this conversation.

The Atlanta Falcons are building a new stadium. They hope to land the 2020 Super Bowl. However, Georgia’s so-called “Religious Freedom Bill” just needs the Governor’s signature before it allows religious officials in Georgia to opt out of overseeing gay marriages.

On Friday, the NFL said the league’s policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and whether a state or local communities laws and regulations are consistent with those polices factors into the evaluation of Super Bowl host sites.

So what do you think? If the Non-Discrimination Ordinance is reversed, can Charlotte say goodbye to any shot of hosting a Super Bowl?