NC General Assembly Announce Special Session to Tackle Non-Discrimination Ordinance

CHARLOTTE, NC– The news of the special session to possibly overturn that non-discrimination ordinance has everyone talking.

Members of the LGBT community are upset while those who want to see it overturned are rejoicing.

We found out how a decision in Raleigh could impact Charlotte long-term.

After rally’s and protest here in Charlotte.  The State now has the go ahead to take on the city’s non-discrimination ordinance.

Melissa Morris, is the President of the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce and says, “The legislature may start unfortunately looking into overturning it.”

On Wednesday the general assembly will hold a special session to discuss and possibly repeal the measure.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest released this statement on Facebook reading in part.

“We aim to repeal this ordinance before it goes into effect to provide for the privacy and protection of the women and children of our State.”

The LGBT Chamber of Commerce says there will be consequences if its repealed.

“It’s difficult it’s going to cost us a lot of money citywide, statewide to make this happen so hopefully people continue to call their representatives and make sure this doesn’t happen,” says Morris.

Reverend Mark Harris of First Baptist Church as been a major opponent against the ordinance.

“We’ve been doing great with business in Charlotte.  So no I don’t think there is a legitimate case that it will hurt Charlotte business wise,” says Harris.

A decision to repeal the ordinance could cause Charlotte to lose out on big events — like the Super Bowl.

Atlanta’s bid to host the big game is in jeopardy if the Governor of Georgia signs a “Religious Liberty Bill.

Georgia State Representative Karla Drenner says Charlotte is in the same boat as Atlanta.

State Representative Karla Drenner says, “I think its in the same position as Atlanta, I don’t think you don’t have to discriminate in order to protect religious individuals in the City and or the State.”

The NFL released a statement saying it supports tolerance and inclusiveness — and will review the law to determine whether Atlanta will get the game.

Many wondering the impact repealing the non discrimination ordinance will have here.
Kami Mueller with KeepNCSafe coalition says, “In North Carolina we don’t have a problem doing great business we are often listed as number one state do business across country.

Members of the LGBT community told me they fought hard to get the measure to pass and plan to fight even harder if the general assembly overturns the city’s decision.