Suspect Still On The Run After Crashing Car

CHARLOTTE, NC– A highway chase leads to a drugs and weapons bust in Northeast Charlotte.

Troopers were able to recover the drugs, but the suspects are still at large tonight.

It started when Highway Patrol tried to pull over a driver for speeding on I77 this afternoon.

The driver didn’t stop.

That started a chase that continued onto W.T. Harris Boulevard.

The suspects ran off after crashing their car. Troopers found drugs and several weapons inside the vehicle.

Witnesses say they weren’t sure what was going on.

“I walked outside and saw like three helicopters… And like the whole street was packed with police cars…. And one officer told me to go back inside my house,” said Northeast Charlotte Resident Kyrie Peters.

A daycare and school in the area were put on lockdown during the chase.

Troopers collected evidence inside the car, but they haven’t identified the suspects yet.