The Snark: Kartrashians, Lohan, Speeders, & McDonald’s

The Snark Report with Derek James: The Kardashians return, Lohan won't say "I Do," a 171 mph ticket, and so long McWrap

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Kardashians are returning to television, Lindsay Lohan won’t be walking down the aisle, a Minnesota man gets pulled going 171 mph, and McDonald’s calls it a wrap on the McWrap.

Television is going to get a little trashier in a couple weeks when the Kardashians premiere their new season.

Despite previous rumors of a guy making a really bad life choice, it turns out Lindsay Lohan is not engaged.

A Minnesota man lived life a little too fast in the fast lane and was ticketed for going 171 mph in his Camaro.

Two big stories out of the world of McD’s are a farewell to the McWrap and hello to a McDonald’s of the future.

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