Family Mourns 6 Yr Old Boy Hit And Killed

CHARLOTTE, NC– “He’s a smart brother, he’s nice , kind, he’s gentle,” said sister, Erica Castellon-Rivera.

Eleven- year old Erica Castellon Rivera says she, her mother and 6 year old brother Anthony were crossing Eastway Drive Sunday afternoon. Anthony let go of his mom’s hand to run to the sidewalk. A white van went over the curb and hit him.

“He got out of the van and looked at my brother on the floor bleeding and when he saw everybody else looking at him he went back in the van,” said Castellon-Rivera.

Family set up a memorial at home, still in shock at the sudden loss.

“We were so close, we were connected, we were connected to each other,” said cousin Brian Serrano-Munoz.

Off Eastway Drive where the tragic accident happened, students after school from Garinger walking down the street onto the same median crossing the street with cars flying by.

Back in January police increased patrols after a driver hit a 15-year old on Eastway then drove off. Katrina White knows too well what Anthony’s family is going through. In march of 2012 a driver hit and killed her daughter Brittany as she walked home from Garinger.

“It’s so tragic when it’s a child,” said White.

White petitioned and got the city to put in a crosswalk at Eastway and Sugar Creek.

“There are many more children coming after Brittany, Brittany was just one person, there’s still obviously four years later of children and their families,” said White.

Now Anthony’s family wants justice for him.

“If you see this guy, please tell the police,” said sister, Castellon-Rivera.

Anthony’s family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the funeral expenses. You can see it here.