Summer car maintenance is easy at Toyota of N Charlotte!

summer car maintenance" tipsToyota of N Charlotte wants to help prep your ride for the summer! We know it seems like it’s a million miles away at this point, but trust us – warm weather will be headed our way before you know it. That’s why it’s important to start prepping ahead of time so you’re not caught unawares! However, prepping your ride with summer car maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to be a hassle. We’re here to help you do it affordably and efficiently at our Charlotte Toyota service center, so check out our warm weather prep tips!

Remember under-the-hood car maintenance for your ride!

First, focus under the hood. Hot weather can have a negative impact on your car if it doesn’t have the tools it needs to handle it. That’s why it’s important to schedule Charlotte car maintenance like:

  • Oil changes, to keep the interior of your engine cool and lubricated. This will keep things running smoothly no matter the temperatures outside!
  • Coolant checks, so our techs can examine your coolant system and coolant levels to ensure the system can do its job keeping your engine at the right temperature regardless of how hot it is outside.
  • Tire checks, since weather fluctuations can affect the tire pressure in your tires and subsequently, your traction and fuel efficiency.
  • Battery check, so your battery doesn’t suffer in the heat with swelling, cracking, or leaking.
  • A/C check, so you can make sure your car’s air conditioning and make sure it’ll keep you cool all summer inside the cabin!

Schedule Charlotte car maintenance to protect the interior and exterior of your car

However, all of the Charlotte car maintenance needed to keep your car in shape doesn’t take place under the hood. There are other steps you can take to keep things cool during the summer, including:

  • Tint your windows! Tinting the windows will keep it cooler inside the cabin and also help protect your upholstery and carpet from damaging UV rays. This car maintenance will also protect YOU and your passengers from UV rays! We offer this service at Toyota of N Charlotte, too!
  • Buy a sunshade. A sunshade propped up in your dash will protect the dash from fading and also keep things cooler inside the cabin, especially if you leave your car parked all day long!
  • Wax your car. Wax will protect your car’s exterior from fading in the sun, as well as protecting it from dirt and debris on the road.

There are also things you can do to protect your car that aren’t necessarily car maintenance! Our Charlotte auto service techs recommend taking steps like:

  • Park in the shade or under covered parking if possible.
  • Crack your windows if you’re leaving your car all day – just remember to check the forecast for rain!
  • Wash your car regularly to help protect and maintain the paint.

Want tips? Need to buy car maintenance supplies to keep your ride in tip-top shape all summer long? Call Toyota of N Charlotte at (888) 378-1214!

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