3 Deadly Shootings in 3 Days for Charlotte

Charlotte is seeing a spike in gun violence.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Charlotte is seeing a spike in gun violence. Three deadly shootings in three days, and people shooting into homes and businesses.

Washington continues to be unable to take any significant action, while families lose loved ones every day.

“The new thing is to kill somebody,” says Will Adams. “For what? I’m trying to figure out, for what?”

Adams knows what it’s like to lose someone to gun violence.

“Reginald Johnson killed my son in 2008,” says the East Charlotte resident. “Walked across the street, to a park. You know why he killed my son? Because he wanted to see somebody’s mamma cry.”

And mothers, fathers and families continue to cry in Charlotte.

There have been 27 homicides in the Queen City this year. CMPD says there were 26 at the same point last year.

Shooting into occupied property is up more than 60%. Gun crime is growing.

This Wesley Heights neighborhood is a neighborhood in transition, with lots of new residents moving in. Last night, right across the street from this church, shots were fired, CMPD was called out; a man was shot and killed in this building. It’s the third deadly shooting in three days in Charlotte.

Neighbors we talked to were shocked and surprised to hear that 34-year old Javaris Roberts was killed early Wednesday morning on Grandin Road. But maybe they shouldn’t be.

Gun violence is spreading, and Washington can’t seem to find an answer.

“After Orlando, they blocked any new gun safety reforms,”. Those words from President Obama, in Charlotte, on Tuesday. “They’re not listening to 90% of the American people; Democrats and Republicans who support background checks.”

Adams, who works in the community with Team Trublue, says it’s not just the guns; it’s about changing the mindset of young people in the streets.

“The code on the street is now, is you know, if you got a gun, and we got beef, then we gonna shoot it out,” says Adams. “Put the guns down. Talk about it.”

A plan by house Republican leaders to hold a vote on a gun-control proposal this week is on hold, after objections from conservatives concerned with the legislation.