Gaston Co. Leader: State Will Probe DSS

GASTON CO., N.C. – Major news about the Gaston County Department of Social Services: it will be investigated by the state for its handling of the Jordyn Dumont case. Gaston County Commissioner Tracy Philbeck broke that news Tuesday night on the dais.

Three-year-old Jordyn Dumont’s body was found in the woods behind her Gaston County home one week ago. Her mother’s boyfriend is charged with her murder. DSS says it made five unannounced visits in three months to Jordyn’s house, but found no reason to take action. Philbeck says, “I do not think any government agency should investigate itself. For some reason, the DSS may do an internal investigation. But you have to keep in mind, it’s investigating itself. And for me, it’s not really a witch hunt. And the state will do an investigation, but keep in mind, DSS is still an arm of the state.”

Philbeck also requested the board vote on a resolution to re-instate an ombudsman. That’s an official appointed to investigate complaints about public agencies and authorities.

At the same meeting, Commissioner Jason Williams addressed his concerns with the Gaston County Police Chief’s decision last week to call off the search for Jordyn Dumont. As we reported to you on Monday, Williams called Chief Joseph Ramey’s decision “embarrassing.”

Tuesday night, Williams said he wanted to thank law enforcement for the hard work they do, but doubled down on his concerns. He says, “They’re questions that the public has. Let’s be honest. There’s questions that many out there have passed along to me and I want you to know that many of us up here have the same questions.”

Chief Ramey hasn’t met with commissioners yet. Chief did tell us he wouldn’t have called off the search if he thought Jordyn was alive, but he acknowledged the info he had that night was third hand, and unconfirmed.