Patrick Cannon Set To Be Released Next Week

CHARLOTTE, NC– This time next week, Patrick Cannon will be out of prison.

Charlotte’s Ex-Mayor has served his sentence for corruption.

He’s been behind bars in Morgantown, West Virginia since november 2014. He was sentenced to 44 months, but he’s getting out after 22 months for good behavior and going through an alcohol treatment program.

Cannon will be on house arrest until January 25.  After that, he’ll be on probation.

Eric Frazier considered Cannon a friend.  He wrote an op-ed piece for the Observer about how Charlotte should receive him.

“He’s done his time, he’s paid his debt to society, and it’s time to forgive him, if not forget what he did and let him go about trying to rebuild his life as best he can,” said Frazier.

“The Mayor of Bridgeport, CT, the mayor, he was arrested for corruption, he did his sentence and five years after his release, he was re-elected as mayor,” says Winthrop Political Science Professor, Scott Huffman.

Huffmon says while difficult, he doesn’t rule out Cannon’s political comeback.