Make sure your ride is ready for fall with seasonal auto service

Toyota service in CharlotteIs your car ready for the change of seasons? Fall weather is quite a bit different from summer sunshine, and it can take a toll both on your vehicle’s performance AND your drive time if you don’t address it as needed. Luckily, our Charlotte auto service center is here to give you some tips for seasonal car care – specifically, prepping your car for autumn. Let’s get started!

Have your tires checked at our Charlotte auto service center

We’ll kick things off from the ground up – you need to schedule Charlotte tire service before you head into fall weather. Your tires are what grip the ground, so you need them to be in top-notch condition to keep you and your passengers safe AND to keep your fuel efficiency where it should be. Not to mention, traction changes are pretty prevalent in the fall – the road becomes covered in wet, dead leaves, and this can make things very slippery. Plus, fall means added precipitation, which can also make handling tricky. We suggest having your tires checked at our Charlotte Toyota service center for wear and tear, inflation levels, and also tread depth so you have maximum traction.

Next up? Brakes! This goes hand in hand with the tires part of the piece. The roads are bound to be more slippery in the fall because of leaves and precipitation, so you want full stopping power (especially the ability to stop short in case another car around you loses traction). Schedule brake service in Charlotte and let our techs check your brake system from top to bottom for any issues!

What about headlights? Remember, Daylight Savings Time ends in the beginning of November. That means the days will be getting shorter, which means you could be spending more time driving in the dark. We can help with that – make sure your headlights are in the best condition possible! Our auto service center in Charlotte can replace burnt out bulbs and even offers headlight restoration if your lights are looking a little worse for the wear.

Shorter days mean you may need auto service for your headlights!

You should also check your windshield wipers – with more rain in the forecast, you want to ensure you have maximum visibility out the windshield, which means you need quality wipers. Our Charlotte Toyota parts store sells them at great prices, and our techs can install them for you.

Finally, what about your defroster? Not too many people have to crank the heat during the fall season (you never know, though), but it’s smart to have your system checked to ensure it’s in good condition. You’ll definitely need your defroster as cooler temps roll in, so make sure it’s working before you head out on the roads in that early morning chilliness.

Want to schedule service? It’s simple – just call us today at (888) 378-1214! We’re ready and waiting for you at the Toyota of N Charlotte service center, and we can get you prepped and ready for the fall before you know it (and at a price you and can afford!). 

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