Suspect Charged With Murder In North CLT Homicide

CHARLOTTE, NC–Police have charged 36-year-old Jeffvory Hughey with the murder of 35-year-old Jonathan Vereen, who was shot dead inside a North Charlotte Home.

Hughey, Jeffvory Mug

Officers have charged Hughey with 1st degree murder, possession of firearm by felon, and shooting into an occupied property.

Officials say that Hughey voluntarily came to police headquarters where he was interviewed by Detectives and was then placed under arrest for Murder.

Detectives are not seeking any additional suspects.

This is an ongoing, active investigation.

Police found the Vereen’s body in a boarding house off Hubbard Road. Neighbors are stunned by what happened, saying this is unusual for the area.

“I’m definitely going move from over here because you know what I’m saying. It’s quiet, you wouldn’t expect anything like that to happen but I can’t trust this area if people are getting killed and they don’t know who killed him.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers.