Jordyn Dumont Case Social Worker Resigns

GASTON CO., N.C. – In an email obtained by WCCB Charlotte, Gaston County Manager Earl Mathers tells commissioners, “…the social worker primarily associated with the Jordyn Dumont case resigned over the weekend. I believe some media attention could arise out of this event although there is no need to inform them of this.”

WCCB NEWS @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty followed up with Mathers. He told her, “Unfortunately, I am not able to share information beyond which you have already received…”

Commissioner Jason Williams said, “Unfortunately, a judge handcuffed Gaston County’s elected leaders on this case with his unprecedented gag order.”

And Commissioner Tracy Philbeck said, “Yes it looks bad that a (sic) employee just promoted would resign that was the primary social worker assigned to Jordyn’s case! Yes I think something is wrong and do I think the ball was dropped! YES!!!! However due to a gag order that was rushed into place by the DA, the chilling effect it has had on trying to get basic info is ridiculous.”

Fogarty called District Attorney Locke Bell for comment. The gag order, that he requested and that has no expiration date, does not apply to him. Bell laughed on the phone and then told her, “I wouldn’t recognize the social worker if I saw him,” and, “I have no idea about anything,” before saying he had to go.

Here’s what WCCB has been able to find out about the social worker: he’s 41-years-old. He was hired in May 2014. He was making more than $43,000 a year. He got a three percent raise in July and was “transferred laterally” within his department also in July. His last day of employment was Sunday, September 19.