Toyota of N Charlotte talks driving safety for away games

seasonal drivingAre you thinking about taking to the highway to hit a few away games this season? Whether you’re carpooling the kids to a soccer game out of town or hitting the highway with friends to take in your favorite football teams, you need to adjust your driving habits accordingly. After all, you’ll be driving on the highway AND driving in a new season! Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help – we have our best highway driving safety tips to share, as well as safe driving tips for the fall!

Brush up on driving safety on the highway!

Let’s talk about highway driving safety first. Here are our top N Charlotte Toyota tips for hitting the road for those away games!

  • Know how to merge onto the highway safely. This means using your turn signals to indicate and picking up speed as you traverse the ramp, so you can smoothly join the flow of traffic. Be sure to check your blind spot before you move over!
  • Follow the speed limit. Did you know it’s illegal to go over the speed limit, but also illegal to go UNDER the speed limit after a certain point? Be sure to drive your new Toyota near Charlotte at the proper mph, and don’t hog the left lane (let people who want to go faster pass you).
  • Use defensive driving on the highway. This means paying close attention to your surroundings to try and avoid accidents, keeping both hands on the wheel, and leaving enough distance between your N Charlotte Toyota and other cars so you can get out of the way or come to a stop if need be.
  • Know when to use cruise control! It’s not safe to use in heavy traffic, in slippery conditions (like rain, snow, or ice), and on hills or uneven terrain (it’ll eat up your fuel efficiency).

Learn how to adjust your driving habits according to the season

You’ll also want to adjust your driving habits seasonally, and fall is officially here! Here are some driving safety tips:

  • Be aware that days are shorter, which means more driving in the dark. You should use your headlights and know how to use your brights, and be extra careful at night (use those defensive driving skills!).
  • Take care when driving on fall leaves. They can make the road very slippery and reduce the traction you have, which puts you at a higher risk for a collision. Make your acceleration, braking, and turning smooth and slow, and leave plenty of room between your N Charlotte Toyota and other cars.
  • Fall means more precipitation, too! You may face fog, rain, and ice, so brush up on how to drive in those conditions before you hit the road.

Want more tips from our Toyota dealership near Charlotte? Whether you need to refresh your memory in regards to seasonal driving or want to learn more about highway driving, Toyota of N Charlotte can help. Give us a call today at (888) 883-3797! 

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