Broader Gag Order in Jordyn Dumont Case

GASTON CO., N.C. – Thursday morning at 10:40, Superior Court Judge Jesse Caldwell handed down a bigger, broader gag order in the Jordyn Dumont case. Gaston County District Attorney Locke Bell wanted the new gag order to stop WCCB TV’s Morgan Fogarty from getting an up-to-date jail visitor log for the little girl’s accused killer, Billy McCullen.

The new gag order now covers “…any and all other law enforcement offices, agencies, departments and businesses contracting with these agencies…”

That includes the jail, which is a division of the Sheriff’s Office. Fogarty submitted a request for the up-to-date visitor log 13 days ago and was virtually ignored, until two days ago when County Commissioner Jason Williams said, “It sounds like this request has been made multiple times already by Mrs. Fogarty. The District Attorney should have already sought the protective order by now if he wished to do so.”

And then Sheriff Alan Cloninger got involved. He told Bell, and Fogarty, that if there was no order by noon Thursday, he was giving Fogarty the records.

With 80 minutes to spare, Judge Caldwell granted Bell his order.

Now, the Sheriff can no longer speak about the case.

The gag order has also prevented Gaston County Police Chief Joseph Ramey from speaking.

So Ramey can’t answer Fogarty’s new question about Jordyn’s death certificate, and why it shows her date of death to be Tuesday August 16th at 10:10 am. It could be that the document reflects the time and date police found her body in the woods, and not the actual time the little girl died.

You’ll remember, Ramey called off the search for Jordyn at 9:30 the night before.
You’ll remember, commissioners wanted answers about that.
You’ll remember, four days before Chief was supposed to meet with commissioners, Locke Bell had the first gag order put in place.

This case is now 67 days old. Billy McCullen was indicted in September. His last visitor log showed that his only visit was with Jordyn’s mom, Jaylene Dumont.