Neighbors Worried About Bow Hunting Near Homes

CHARLOTTE, NC – Some neighbors in South Charlotte say they’re worried hunters may be shooting deer with bows and arrows near their homes.

Adam Hansil says he’s worried for his neighbors’ safety after finding an arrow behind his apartment building.

“They obviously didn’t see where they were shooting the arrow. They weren’t within sight. But the arrow landed this way,” Hansil explains.

The building backs up to a patch of woods near Carmel Road and Highway 51.

“It’s a very populated area and this is a very tight area, there’s townhomes this way, apartments here and a neighborhood behind there,” he says.

Hansil says he saw deer stand in the woods, even deer blinds and spotlights, all within sight of homes and apartments.

Neighbors also told him they’ve seen deer who have been hit by arrows running through their yards.

Sergeant William Laton with the NC Wildlife Commission says this is a problem they see from time to time.

“We don’t even classify those people as hunters. They’re just simply poachers,” Laton says. “Most hunters are great sportsmen, they do things legally. And there’s just a very small percentage of folks who choose to do things incorrectly.”

Hansil admits there is a deer overpopulation problem in the area, but he says hunting them is near homes is irresponsible.

“An hour from here you can go hunt, 45 minutes from here is a safe place to hunt. So I think, be a good neighbor and go there to hunt. Not in my backyard,” he says.