South Charlotte Parents Desperate To Find Missing Teen

CHARLOTTE, NC– A South Charlotte couple is desperate for answers about their missing 16 year old daughter. The special needs teenager hasn’t been seen or heard from since May.

Hailey Burns parents say they know their child is in danger or she would have contacted someone or posted something online by now. They say they know from Hailey’s friends she was communicating online with an older man who they believe convinced her to leave home.

” It’s like a piece of your body is missing and you’re just trying to function but you’re missing your heart,” said father, Anthony Burns.

Anthony and Shannon Burns’ heart is 16 -year old Hailey. They woke up May 23rd and she was gone from the home where she lives with her 9 year old twin siblings.

“It’s just agony, everyday you wake up and think is my kid dead somewhere,” said mother, Shannon Burns.

The Burns say Hailey has Aspergers and struggled with other special needs so she turned to the internet to make friends.

” She really wasn’t 16 she was like maybe 12, so naive and so impressionable and so easily manipulated,” said Shannon.

” She wanted to be on the computer all the time, she had been bullied in Junior high and didn’t have lot of friends so decided to make her friends online,” said Anthony.

Anthony and Shannon say Hailey went on inappropriate chat sites in the past, so they restricted her computer use, took her cell phone. But friends say she used their phones and the media center at Myers Park High School where she was a freshman.

” We tried to tell her and warn her, but she just thought she could do it, she thought it was going to be one thing it was probably something entirely different but by then it was too late,” said Shannon.

CMPD and FBI are investigating and checking all computers and phones Hailey might have used.

“It’s like we live in a lifetime movie and I don’t want to it’s a living nightmare we just want to know she’s ok and she’s safe,” said Shannon.