Presidential Campaigns Spending Extra Time in Charlotte

With North Carolina being key to winning the White House, both campaigns have been hitting the state almost daily as we close in on election day.

CHARLOTTE, NC — With North Carolina being key to winning the White House, both campaigns, and their surrogates, have been hitting the Tar Heel state almost daily as we close in on election day.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine returned to Charlotte Monday for a rally. WCCB Charlotte’s Will Kennedy got the chance to talk one-on-one with the senator.

TIM KAINE: “Very exciting. It’s just nice to see a finish line. It’s been a long and grueling race. Probably spent as much time in North Carolina campaigning as any state; Florida, North Carolina. Of course I’m home in Virginia to do laundry and stuff, you know, and hang out and campaign there too. But North Carolina is really, really important. And we call it a check-mate state. If we win North Carolina, we think Hillary will be president.”

WILL KENNEDY: “What we’ve seen in the last 12 days or so with the FBI situation, with the emails, and then what happened yesterday. Your take on that, because that is really something we’ve never seen before.”

TIM KAINE: “Yeah, it injected and uncertainty. We were very confident. Although that letter of two Fridays ago was a surprise. We were very confident that the FBI was going to reach the same conclusion. Because they did such an exhaustive study. And when the director said no reasonable prosecutor, none, would take this further; that was a really powerful conclusion. So we felt like they’d reach the exact same conclusion, but we weren’t sure how quickly they would reach it. And to leave a question out there was a concern. So they worked quickly, just as Hillary and I asked them to do.”

WILL KENNEDY: “What’s it going to take, and you touched on it on stage a little bit, to try and bring people together? Especially people in Washington.””

TIM KAINE: “We have got to in the words that we say, in the policies that we promote, in the team that we assemble, we have to show that we are interested in governing for everybody; and not just those who support us. Hillary knows that, and so do I, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Kaine says he and his wife will vote in their home district in Virginia tomorrow, then head to New York to join Hillary Clinton on election night.