Local Firefighters Helping Battle Western NC Mountain Wildfires

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte-area firefighters are in the Western North Carolina mountains trying to keep the flames from a huge wildfire from spreading any further.

17 members of a task force from the Charlotte Fire Department left Sunday bringing three tankers and two brush trucks to Lake Lure.

They’re joining several other local fire crews already in the area.

The wildfire raging near Chimney Rock and Lake Lure has now spread out over more than 3,000 acres.

Efforts are now focused on keeping the flames from reaching homes and businesses.

“Well we’re going to work our hardest so it doesn’t. Life safety is our number one priority and our second priority is structure protection,” explains Victoria Tillotson, with the NC Forest Service.

Firefighters from Gastonia also sent pictures from Chimney Rock.

Chris Stowe with the department says their crews are working 16-hour shifts.

The problem has been made worse by over 50 days without significant rain.

As the fire draws closer, there are now mandatory evacuations in several communities.

So far, the fire remains around 15 percent contained.