14-Year-Old Victim Identified in East Charlotte Shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC – We now know 14-year-old Anthony Frazier is the victim in a East Charlotte shooting Monday night.

Investigators say Frazier was sitting in a car when someone opened fire on Finchley Drive.

The teen died at the hospital Tuesday.

Sources say Frazier was the son of a Kannapolis Police Officer.

A district spokesperson confirms he was an 8th grade student at Kannapolis Middle School.

Counselors will be on hand Tuesday.

Family members posting on social media say Anthony was in the car as his aunt and uncle pulled into the house and realized it was being robbed.

They say the boy was shot in the head as they tried to drive away.

The car ended up at a 7-11 on Eastway Drive where the family went looking for help.

“The reaction from the community right now is that everybody’s stunned,” says Will Adams with Team TruBlue.

Adams says the shooting of such a young person hits home for many.

“All of us need to get together and continue pushing the message of put the guns down and stop the violence, if you see something tell it,” Adams says.

Police say the two suspects are in their teens to early 20’s.

Both had thin builds and were wearing hoodies.

One may have short twists in his hair.