NC Lawmakers Respond To Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination To The U.S. Supreme Court

CHARLOTTE, NC — President Donald Trump announced the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court Tuesday night.

Following the nomination, North Carolina lawmakers began releasing statements regarding their thoughts on the president’s choice.

“I applaud President Trump’s selection of Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court. In 2006, the Senate confirmed him without opposition to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. Gorsuch is a judge who will continue to operate in accordance with the rule of law and respect for the Constitution. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has repeatedly expressed his desire to have nine Justices serving on the Supreme Court. Now that the American people have spoken, and the President has nominated a mainstream jurist, I am hopeful that the Senate will come together and swiftly confirm Judge Gorsuch.”

-Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)


“Judge Neil Gorsuch is an incredibly qualified and mainstream choice to serve on the Supreme Court. He has proven himself to be a judge who approaches every case before him with fairness, and bases his decisions on the rule of law. I hope my colleagues in the Senate, regardless of party, will join me in thoughtfully considering Judge Gorsuch as our next Supreme Court Justice.”

-U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC)


Tonight, President Trump fulfilled one of his biggest campaign promises to the American people by selecting Neil Gorsuch, a mainstream conservative to serve on the United States Supreme Court. I am confident Gorsuch will faithfully uphold the Constitution, protect our individual rights, and preserve the idea of limited government.

The radical protesters on the left will put extreme and brutal pressure on Senator Burr and Senator Tillis. We will need to support them on this issue over the next several months, and we ask the people of North Carolina to help us.”

-NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes


“School equality, a women’s right to choose, and civil rights-these are just a few of the critical decisions our next Supreme Court Justice will weigh in on,” said Congresswoman Adams. “In an age where President Trump has shown his willingness to test the Constitution and the separation of powers, it is more important than ever to appoint a Supreme Court justice who’s first and only priority is to uphold the Constitution.

Based off of Judge Gorsuch’s past judicial record, I have deep concerns he will put big business ahead of the rights of American workers and attack woman’s choice. We must ensure a thorough vetting process that includes rigorous debate and demand a 60 vote threshold on confirmation of this nominee.”

-Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12)