Car tire care now can save you big bucks later!

Charlotte auto service tips“You need to replace your tires.” Those six words can strike fear into anyone’s heart, and put a big dent in their bank account as well. No one likes replacing their tires, and most people will do anything they can to avoid this expensive investment. However, sometimes you just can’t get around it; it’s a part of car ownership and your tires are one of the most important elements on your vehicle. After all, they’re the part that has full contact with the road!

Use these five car tire care tips to save money

Luckily for you, there are steps you can take NOW to lengthen the life of your tires and also save money in the long run. Check out these five car tire care tips from our Charlotte auto service experts!

Tip #1: Check your PSI on the regular. Your tires should ALWAYS be inflated to the proper PSI – it’s a standard tenet of car tire care. If they’re inflated too much or under-inflated, then you run the risk of lowered fuel efficiency as well as loss of traction. Our Charlotte Toyota service techs can help you figure out the proper PSI for your car’s tires and also show you how to fill them quickly and easily.

Tip #2: Inspect condition and tread. You should do a weekly visual inspection of your tires as part of your car tire care routine, too. This means checking the tread depth to ensure you have enough tread for proper grip, as well as just taking a look at the general condition of the tires. Be aware of any damage, blisters, sidewall separation, or any other issue that ups your likelihood of a blowout.

Tip #3: Stay on a car tire care schedule. It’s easy to get off-schedule with Charlotte car tire care because life gets so busy; however, it’s important to try and maintain a routine! Regular balances and rotations will extend the life of your tires by ensuring that all four wear evenly. You’ll also want to get alignments as needed, since tires that are misaligned tend to wear unevenly and wear out faster.

Keep your tires in top shape with Charlotte auto service advice

Tip #4: Be aware of how and where you drive. Do you drive long distances at high speeds, or tackle tough terrain? Are you hauling heavy loads on the regular? If so, you may want to inspect your tires more often as they go through a lot of wear and tear every day. Our Charlotte auto service techs recommend keeping a closer eye on them in these instances so you can head off damage!

Tip #5: Replace as needed. If you need a tire replacement, don’t try to ride it out or get by with a patch or plug. You’ll more than likely just end up with a blowout or flat. Instead, buckle down and get your tires taken care of… and then employ car tire care with the new set to give them a nice, long life!

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