Man Knocked Out After Suspected Road Rage Incident in Uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – Witnesses say a man was knocked out after a suspected road rage incident Saturday night in Uptown.

“This guy turned around and punched him really hard. Out cold. Knocked him out,” explains witness Amher Hashim.

Hashim and his wife captured video moments after it happened.

Seconds later, you see the suspect driving off in a black Chevy.

It happened just before 10:00 Saturday night at the intersection of North Tryon and West 5th Streets.

Witnesses say the man knocked out was a passenger in a truck that turned the wrong way on to 5th, which is a one way street, almost hitting the black Chevy.

“The guy got out of the car, from the black Chevrolet and started yelling at the lady who was driving. This went on for a minute almost. He was yelling really hard, cussing,” Hashim explains.

Hashim says the man then went back to his car, but returned and began arguing with the passenger, who got out of the truck.

“Kinda just like pushed him a little, you know,” Hashim says.

He says that’s what led the suspect throw the punch.

Several witnesses were able to get a license plate number from the car.

Police have not said if there has been an arrest.