Protestors Hold “Sink Trumpcare Flotilla” On Lake Norman By Sen. Thom Tillis’ House

HUNTERSVILLE, NC — Opponents of the proposed GOP health care bill took to the water Friday to protest outside Senator Thom Tillis’ Lake Norman home.

Residents from across the state boarded several pontoon boats Friday and set anchor just outside of Tillis’ house. Protestors say the U.S. Senate being on recess would have been a perfect opportunity to hold a town hall, but so far Tillis has refused. Wanting their voices heard, the opponents decided to bring their opinions to his own backyard.

North Carolina residents who say they owe their lives to the Affordable Care Act attended the “Sink Trumpcare Flotilla.” Speakers voiced their opinions and frustrations over Tillis’ support of the newly proposed bill.

“Thom Tillis says he represents the people of North Carolina, but continues to duck his constituents as the Senate tries to pass a health care bill that will be disastrous for our state,” said Donna Marie Woodson of Mecklenburg County, a cancer survivor. “Since Tillis refuses to hold a town hall meeting, we decided to go to him — right to his own backyard.”

“Last year, even on Medicaid, I was forced to forgo medication in order to afford basic necessities like food, rent, and utilities — and Trumpcare will only make things worse,” said Connie Lazenby of Alamance County. “I have no wish to die because politicians are intent on dismantling the Affordable Care Act just to give rich people a tax cut.”

“What we are dealing with here is incredible cruelty,” said Patrick O’Neil of Wake County. “For Sen. Tillis to support this monstrous health care bill without holding a single town hall meeting with his constituents shows he couldn’t care less for families like mine.”