CMPD Still Searching for Hit-and-Run Driver

CMPD volunteer hit while directing traffic after an accident in South Charlotte.

The Latest

Police are still looking for the vehicle involved in a hit-and-run Monday evening in south Charlotte. The vehicle is described as a white 4-door sedan.

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Investigators are asking anyone who was traveling on Hillside Avenue toward Westfield Avenue around 6:30pm and has information on the suspect vehicle to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Original Story

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police are still searching for a driver who hit, and seriously injured, a CMPD volunteer directing traffic after an accident in South Charlotte.

Tonight, we’re hearing from the department and his fellow Citizens on Patrol.

“I was, you know, upset,” says Glenn Kusick with CMPD’s Citizens on Patrol volunteer program. “And when it happens to somebody that is on your team, so to speak, it certainly hits home.”

Cusick and James Oldham were directing traffic on Shopton Road in Southwest Charlotte Tuesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after a hit-and-run driver seriously injured fellow CMPD volunteer William Schweppe.

“A vehicle did not obey the traffic directions that another COP was giving, and did hit the volunteer,” says Sgt. Chris Kopp. “He did fall to the ground, and he was rushed immediately to the hospital.”

“The way some people are driving these days, not they’re attentive to what’s going on outside of their vehicle,” says Oldham. “They’re more involved with cell phones, radios and so forth.”

CMPD currently has between 30-35 volunteers in the Citizens on Patrol program; patrolling shopping centers and apartment complexes, writing parking tickets and directing traffic at accident scenes.

“A lot things that take up man hours,” says Kopp. “When we have police officers, and we can pull them from some of these other duties, we now have more officers answering 911 calls.”

Volunteers like Glenn and James, who retired from Wells Fargo and Duke Energy, say they do this to serve their community.

And while there are dangers involved, volunteers go through extensive training at the COP academy, including eight hours of traffic direction.

“They give us great training,” says Cusick. “So it’s not that they just throw us out there in the street and say, go direct traffic. We go through about 120 hours of training in the Police Academy here. ”

William Schweppe graduated from the COP Academy last July.

He underwent surgery on his hip Tuesday. CMPD is asking for any information on the driver that hit him.