Two Men Are Locked Up Tonight Charged With the Cold Blooded Murder of a Charlotte Convenience Store Clerk During a Robbery

MECKLENBURG COUNTY–Two men are locked up tonight charged with the cold-blooded murder of a Charlotte convenience store clerk during a robbery. Family members and investigators want to know why the suspects killed him?

Police say that clerk did everything he was told to do before being shot. A judge set bond already for one of the suspects, the other faces a judge tomorrow.

CMPD says one of the many reasons that this case is so troubling is that the suspects didn’t know the victim and that even though he complied, the suspects still shot him.

55-year-old Khaled Elmerkabaoui was gunned down during a robbery. He had worked at the 7-Eleven for five years, well liked by customers and police.

“He was always very gracious to us. Officers came in there, he would give us coffee when it was cold. He would talk with us,” said Capt. Chris Dozier with CMPD.

Geoffrey Ford is the accused gunman, and CMPD says Treyvonte Lockhart was the getaway driver. Both face murder and robbery charges. Detectives are baffled by why Elmerkabaoui was killed after he complied with the suspect’s demands.

“That’s what’s been so frustrating about this investigation is the why. It didn’t have to happen like it did.”

Investigators arrested Ford Tuesday night in South Charlotte. Officers spotted him driving in a neighborhood near Carmel road, tried to pull him over, but he jumped and ran. Police tracked down Lockhart earlier in the day. He led officers on a chase to Concord, where they arrested him. Frequent 7-eleven customers are still rattled by the senseless crime.

“It’s scary as a mother. I mean what if my son would’ve been here that night,” says Clover resident Shell Marie Peterson.

Many are relieved arrests have been made, but say it still doesn’t  bring Elmerkabaoui back.

“He was working late all the time. To have anybody just say hey, how you doing being tired as much as they do,” says Rock Hill resident Patrick Morris.