Day After Christmas Has Shoppers Rushing to the Mall

MECKLENBURG COUNTY — The day after Christmas has shoppers everywhere rushing to malls to snag more deals, and return those unwanted holiday gifts. According to the National Retail Federation, three out of four holiday shoppers checked return policies before making a purchase.

The parking lots at South Park Mall were packed; the wait to grab a coffee at Starbucks inside the mall was more than 45 minutes. Mall security officers tell WCCB they’ve been increasing patrols for the big crowds.

Even though Santa may have already left the building, a sea of shoppers filled every inch of South Park mall. With shopping bags and  receipts in tow, looking to make some returns.

“Our parents are returning stuff, and so they let us just walk around and basically just shop around,” says Charlotte resident Savannah Heasley.

At Urban Outfitters, they had 15 extra employees ready to go.

“It’s like a Black Friday or Christmas where we have all hands on deck. We have at least three managers here at a time,” says Manager of Urban Outfitters Gage Bulick.

A long line winding through the store, as people waited for their turn. Susan Wilson and her son took one look at this line, and weren’t happy.

“I knew it would be crowded, the day after Christmas, but this is worse than before Christmas,” she says.

Managers at Urban Outfitters say it’s possible to avoid the return rush, the rest of the week.

Their advice — the earlier the better.

“I would do first thing in the morning, like today we opened up at 8am, so nobody was really here at 8am or 9am,” says other store manager Charli Conklin.