Investigators Search for Cause of Massive House Fire

CHARLOTTE, NC — Fire investigators are working to figure out what sparked a massive house fire in northeast Charlotte. While no one was injured, flames ripped through the roof.

Rob Woodward lives on the 2000 block of Penninger Circle, just feet from where this massive blaze broke out right before four o’clock Friday afternoon.

“I come back from the store, and then I seen the flames and I went to make sure they was out,” says Woodward.

That’s when Woodward sprung into action.

“Went to make sure they was out. They was out back, and then I called 911 because he couldn’t get a hold of them on his phone.”

Woodward says two people live in the house, but fire officials say no one was injured.

“They’re nice people. They walk up and down the road all the time. They’re nice people.”

Firefighters battled the flames for over an hour.

“Sometimes well-built homes, the home’s a little bit older, so fire gets in the attic. In this case you have to get up there and get to it,” says Charlotte Fire Department Battalion Chief Rob Cannon.

Officials say they’re still investigating what started the fire. With frigid air approaching, they want to remind you how to stay safe when heating your home, so you don’t become a victim too.

“It’s a good time to remind people with the cold weather, with space heaters and all your heating devices, make sure you have plenty of space around them, up to three feet from combustibles from around your area,” said Cannon.

Meanwhile, as Woodward watched firefighters extinguish the smoldering blaze, he’s just happy no one was hurt. Woodward says he’ll help his fellow neighbors move forward from this tragedy.

“Whatever they need, I’ll try to help them as much as I can.”