New Bridge Expected To Alleviate Traffic Issues At Concord Mills Mall

CONCORD, NC–  NC DOT says getting through traffic to Concord Mills is going to be less of a headache. A two-lane flyover bridge will connect I-85 to the main entrance of the mall.

Concord Mills is the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the Carolinas. The DOT says this road averaged 42,000 vehicles a day in 2016. Getting into the mall can be a hassle, but the new bridge should make it a lot easier.
Even before rush hour begins, getting off I-85 onto Concord Mills Blvd. is already slammed with cars, eager to move an inch.
The two-lane flyover bridge will connect I-85 to the entrance of the mall, replacing the left turn lanes at the intersection with the Pavilion at King’s Grant.
“Traffic on Concord Mills Blvd. you will see some improvement just with traffic flow in general to and from the complex,” says NC DOT Spokesperson Jen Thompson.
Thompson says the project will be done in phases. The first begins in early May with road widening work and moving utilities. The bridge will start to take shape in 2019, and should be completed by summer of 2020. Tashena Samuel drives on Concord Mills Blvd. at least three times a week. She’s on board with anything that will lessen the gridlock.
“I think it will be a great idea. Less of a hassle getting to the mall,” says Samuel.
Some residents are skeptical about the flyover bridge.
“Building a bridge is just going to band aid it. It might fix it the first week or two, but once people realize that there’s a bridge, there and there’s an alternative way to go, it’s going to be more traffic again,” says Concord resident Ariel Kearney.
 People we talked to can all agree, the current traffic is unbearable.
NC DOT says you can expect lane closures during construction, but – they will be open during big events like Race Week and for holiday shopping.