CMPD Sends Email To Employees Saying They’re Changing Security Protocol After Officers Were Ambushed By A Murder Suspect

CHARLOTTE, NC– CMPD is changing its security protocol, after officers were ambushed by a murder suspect. Police say the  man shot and killed his girlfriend and then took off with their baby.

It all started around 1:45 Thursday afternoon — when police say Jonathan Bennett shot his girlfriend, Brittany White on Carlyle Drive. He took off, and took their two-month-old child with him. Around 5:30 he dropped the baby off — reportedly at a relative’s house in Northeast Charlotte. The infant was found safe and unharmed — but Bennett was still on the run. Then around 10:50 last night — police say Bennett ambushed CMPD officers at the department headquarters in Uptown. Officers shot back at Bennett, he died at the hospital.

WCCB obtained an email sent out to all CMPD staff. It says starting today, entryways to the main lobby will be locked at all times and require key card access or clearance from an officer.

Our cameras were in the parking lot of CMPD Headquarters, moments after Officer Casey Shue was shot.

“Lives were changed so with unnecessarily that string of violence that we had that ended in the parking lot of our police services center,” says Mayor of Charlotte Vi Lyles.

After Bennett shot and killed his girlfriend,  CMPD continued their search for him. Little did they know, Bennett would come to them.

“He ambushed us, he shot at us,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

CMPD says Bennett fired multiple shots at officers in CMPD Headquarters parking lot, they fired back, killing Bennett.  Officer Shue caught in the ring of fire– shot in leg. She was recognized as officer of the month this past August.

Today, CMPD Sgt. Ricky Robbins tells WCCB moving forward, they’re continuing to review policy and procedures to make sure officers are safe at all times.

“We always and always will tell officers to be aware of your surroundings and you can’t let your guard down just because you’re at the police department,” says Sgt. Robbins.

Sources tell WCCB, that officers awareness was heightened at CMPD today. Now, CMPD staff and officers are being asked to don their ID badges, especially if they’re in plain clothes.

“It’s a public building, but we’re going to have to think about how we can keep ourselves safe within it,” says Chief Putney.

Mayor Vi Lyes says she commends CMPD and they work they do not only in the past 48 hours, but every day.