Two Reported Sex Assaults In The UNC Charlotte Area In Less Than 24 hours

CHARLOTTE, NC.–There are increased police patrols around the UNC Charlotte campus tonight. It comes after two reported sex assaults in the area in less than 24 hours.

CMPD officers and UNC Charlotte Police are looking for the a who touched a female student and a woman inappropriately on Sunday. University Police are working with CMPD to see if the incidents are related because the suspect description in both cases is similar.

Walking up and down a college campus, students expect to feel safe. But that feeling of safety jeopardized for many on Sunday. UNC Charlotte Police say a student was walking into a residence hall in Greek Village and held a door for someone who they thought worked there.

“Upon entry, she realized he probably didn’t belong there and said I think you need to leave,” says Chief of Police at UNC Charlotte Jeffrey Baker.

The suspect then said something offensive, ran toward the woman, grabbed her hand and touched her backside.

Two hours later, CMPD officers were called to the nearby University Park Apartments. According to a police report, a man pushed a woman against a wall in a parking deck and grabbed her backside and breasts. He then ran away.

Some students WCCB talked to say it takes a lot of courage to report incidents like these, and they’re proud of the victims for coming forward.

“You can’t just go and harm somebody physically or emotionally and not expect it to be brought to the light,” says Student body president at UNC Charlotte Tracey Allsbrook.

These assaults a reminder that no matter where you go, safety should always be your top priority.

“I don’t go anywhere by myself at night and I carry pepper spray all the time,” says one student.

Police say there’s a chance the suspect in these cases is a homeless man. If he’s arrested he could be charged with forced fondling.