Students In Charlotte Are Planning Rallies And Walkouts Pushing For Gun Control Laws

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Students in Charlotte are also planning rallies and walkouts to push for gun control laws.

CMS officials say from what they’ve seen so far on social media, there are at least three major student-led efforts underway in March and April. WCCB talked to parents with children in the district and they say their number one concern, is safety.

Students in Charlotte are trying to figure out how they can have their voices heard, without getting into trouble at school.

“No, they haven’t said anything about like, oh you’re allowed to protest or anything like that, we haven’t heard much about it,” says Randolph Middle student Jada Greene.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools sent an email to principals with guidelines on how to handle student-led efforts. Including: reminding children that they have the right to protest, but that schools are about learning and the code of conduct will be enforced.

“I’m glad that the schools are getting ahead of it, ahead of the game. If they want to be in contact with the leaders and also plan something peacefully, if there can be any type of compromise, we can do it safely and still be able to protest,” says parent of CMS student Jay Greene.

CMS says students should not move off of campus for their own safety and security.

Students at South Mecklenburg High School wrote letters today to express their feelings and desire for change. They were also allowed 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims in the Florida shooting.

CMS says there might be increased staff, or police presence during the walkouts for student and staff protection and safety.