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car maintenance Thinking about becoming a car owner? It takes some financial planning – after all, you need to be able to make your monthly payment and cover your car insurance costs every month. However, one thing that a lot of people don’t factor into ownership costs is car maintenance. This is a mistake- routine car care is essential for a top-notch performance and a long, reliable life. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help!

What types of car maintenance should you be budgeting for?

We sat down with some of our Charlotte auto service techs to get a better idea of what types of routine car maintenance you should be budgeting for, how often you need them, and a rough estimate of what each will cost. Become a responsible car owner by following our guidelines!

1) Oil change

How often: Every 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on what type of oil you use

Cost: $25-$50 for conventional oil, $35-$70 for synthetic

Routine oil changes are essential if you want your car to keep running. Oil keeps your engine cool and lubricated and when it gets dirty or runs too low, your engine can quickly overheat and even seize up. Schedule this Charlotte car maintenance as needed based on the type of oil in your car and your driving habits.

2) Air filter change

How often:  Every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, depending on your driving conditions and habits

Cost: $25-$50

Some people brush off air filter changes as unimportant, but don’t be one of those people. Air filters prevent dirt and debris from being sucked into the engine, where it can do a lot of damage. Change your air filter routinely at our Charlotte car maintenance center for a top performance – if it gets too dirty, it lowers the amount of air being pulled in and negatively affects your car.

Let Toyota of N Charlotte help you save money and time

3) Brake service

How often: Brake pad replacements should happen every 25,000 to 70,000 miles depending on your driving habits

You need to change out your brake pads routinely so you don’t damage your car’s rotors (the part underneath the pad). Damaging the rotors leads to costly auto repairs. Have our techs check your brake pads whenever you come in for routine car service and when it’s time to swap them out, don’t delay.

Cost: $100-$300 an axle

4) Tire rotation

How often: Every 6,000 to 8,000 miles

Cost: $25-$50

Tire rotations may seem like another “useless” service, but they actually have a big purpose. Our Toyota of N Charlotte techs will rotate your front tires to the back and vice versa, as well as left to right and vice versa. This helps the tires to all wear evenly and extends their life so you don’t have to replace them as frequently.

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