Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Two Women At Central Piedmont Community College

The Latest:

Police say David Kenney has been charged in connection to the sexual assaults reported at CPCC.  This is a developing story.  Check back for updates.

Original Story:

CHARLOTTE,NC.– Two women say they were sexually assaulted at Central Piedmont Community College. Campus security says the same man is responsible, and they are taking out warrants for his arrest.

Students here on high alert after finding out from an email that a CPCC student and employee were groped Wednesday. Prompting some students to have extra protection walking around campus.

Thousands of students and staff walk the grounds of Central Piedmont Community College everyday. Backpacks and books in tow, never expecting to be groped in broad daylight. That was the reality for two women Wednesday.

A student says a man groped her around 2:30 p.m in a stairwell in student deck one. Then at 5:30 p.m an employee says a man groped her on the third floor of the Terrell building.

“Just hearing about that stuff is still going on like right up the street from where you’re at you know.” says Student at CPCC Tahj McFadden.

Campus security officials say they know who is responsible. He’s a man they banned from campus earlier this year.

“We have so many campus security officers and things here you would think that nobody would even try anything like that,” says Student at CPCC Shantasia Hill.

Students told me the college sent them emails about the incidents. This is Shantasia Hill’s third year at CPCC. She says, she usually feels safe walking to class,  but incidents like these remind her to be on the lookout, even carrying extra protection with her.

A CPCC spokesperson tells WCCB Charlotte these latest incidents are not connected to a reported sex assault last week. A woman says a fellow student, who she knows, pushed her into a stairwell in the Overcash building, and touched her inappropriately. She did not want to pursue charges.