Keep your brakes in top shape with Charlotte auto service tips

Charlotte brake serviceWhen was the last time you checked your brakes? And no, we don’t mean slamming on them to see how they work. Regular brake maintenance, service, repairs, and checks are essential to keeping these very important parts in your car running well. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help – we’ve got tips to help you keep your brake system in top shape and get the maximum performance.

Toyota of N Charlotte shares tips to save your brakes

Tip #1: Hit the brakes and pay attention.

When you hit the brakes in your car, how does it feel? Does your car respond quickly and come to a smooth stop? If so, you’re in good shape. If you experience things like:

  • Having to brake harder than normal to get to the same stop
  • A delayed stop
  • Shuddering or shaking of your vehicle
  • Vibration in your brake pedal or your steering wheel when you hit the brakes
  • Squeaking or squealing noises

Then it may be time to schedule brake service at Toyota of N Charlotte to have things checked out and gotten back into shape.

Tip #2: Inspect your brake pads.

Do you know where to look for your brake pads? Basically, all you have to do is take a peek through the wheels. You’ll be able to quickly find them – take note of how thick they are. For maximum performance, you want them to be at least a quarter inch thick. If they look thinner than that, you may need new brake pads. Schedule your brake service before your rotors are damaged (which can cost you a pretty penny).

Tip #3: Look for brake dust.

Another great way to quickly and easily check the condition of your brakes is to look for brake dust. Where can you find it? The wheels! You should see brake dust on the wheels regularly because as the brake pads go to work, they produce this fine, dark dust. If you don’t see any, your brake pads could be worn down and it’s time to schedule brake service to replace them.

When do you need to schedule brake service?

How often should you replace brake pads? It’s a question we hear a lot from our Charlotte auto service customers. There’s no real set number when it comes to mileage, honestly. Brake pad replacement depends on your driving habits and where you drive. If you tend to ride the brakes or brake heavily and often, you’ll need this Charlotte car service more often. If you drive in the city, you hit more traffic and will most likely need to replace this part more frequently. Your best bet is to ask our Charlotte Toyota service techs to check your brake system whenever you bring your car in for any service, including oil changes and tire rotations.

Ready to schedule service now or have questions? Toyota of N Charlotte’s service center is ready and waiting at (704) 659-2025.

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