Toyota of N Charlotte has 7 tips to avoid flat tires

flat tire preventionGetting a flat tire is a bad feeling. It’s inconvenient and frustrating, as it interrupts your drive time and also means you’re most likely going to have to pay for a replacement tire. You know how to change a flat tire… but do you know how to prevent them from happening in the first place? Toyota of N Charlotte has 7 tips straight from our auto service center to help you stave off flat tires when you’re out on the road!

Use these 7 tips to prevent a flat tire from ruining your drive time

1. Buy quality tires from the get-go.

Invest in quality tires when it’s time to do a replacement. These tires will offer longevity and durability, and you’re a lot less likely to end up with a flat because they can withstand more. If you buy cheap tires, you’ll probably have issues with them sooner rather than later.

2. Pay attention to your tire pressure.

Make sure you keep an eye on your tire pressure. Tires that are underinflated create more friction, as more of their surface is touching the road. This increased heat and friction can damage the tire and result in you ending up with a flat tire! Have our Charlotte Toyota service techs inflate your tires to the correct PSI, which is found in your owner’s manual.

3. Be careful about where you drive.

Construction sites are rife with nails, screws, pieces of metal, shards of glass, and other hazardous objects that can do physical damage to your tire and cause it to go flat. Additionally, potholes play a big part in tire damage. Pay attention to where you drive and try to avoid the aforementioned places if possible.

4. Sign up for recall alerts.

Sometimes, there are technical issues with tires that result in them being weak or vulnerable to flats. Sign up for recall alerts on the NHTSA website so you can stay on track and if your tire has a problem, you can get it taken care of before you end up stranded.

5. Don’t overload your tires when hauling and towing.

Your tire has a maximum capacity when it comes to weight, and you don’t want to overload them. The capacity is found on the sidewall of the tire and in the owner’s manual, and you should keep it in mind when towing and hauling.

Let our Charlotte Toyota service techs inspect your tires on the regular

6. Do a quality check every so often.

Do a quality check on your tires to ensure they’re wearing evenly, and that they don’t have any physical damage like blisters, punctures, or bulges. This will help prevent a flat tire.

7. Don’t depend on a spare.

Your spare is meant to get you from point A to point B in a pinch – they’re not designed to drive long distances or travel at high speeds. When you put one on, go directly to our Charlotte auto service center to get a replacement tire.

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