Used car warning signs: 7 things to avoid when shopping

used car warning signsWhen starting your used car shopping process, you have some work to do if you want to get the most bang for your buck AND find a reliable ride to last you for years to come. You need to decide on a budget, and you also need to make a list of must-have qualities for your car to help you narrow the vast selection out there. However, you also need to educate yourself in regards to what you should AVOID when shopping for used cars in Charlotte. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with a list of signs you should never ignore!

7 signs you may not want to buy that used car

Sign #1: The odometer is off. If the mileage on the odometer doesn’t match the mileage on the vehicle history report, then it has most likely been tampered with by the seller. Move on to the next vehicle as you never know what else they’re trying to conceal!

Sign #2: There are leaks under the car. See any puddles under the car? This could indicate leaks inside the engine bay. Have a mechanic check things out before you sign the dotted line for anything.

Sign #3: The car bounces multiple times when you push on a corner. Go to a corner of the used car you’re looking over and push down, hard. The car should bounce once and then go still again. If it bounces multiple times, then the suspension has problems and could cost you a good deal in the long run.

Sign #4: The car is running when you arrive for your test drive. Did the seller already turn on the car so it’s running when you get there? They could be concealing problems with getting it started, so turn the car off, let it cool down, and start it up again to see how it performs.

Sign #5: You smell mildew or mold anywhere inside the car. If the car smells musty because of mold or mildew, it’s going to be tough to get the smell out. This also indicates water damage and while it could be something innocent like rain coming in an open window, it can also mean the car was subjected to flood damage.

Sign #6: The paint isn’t matched in spots. Mismatched paint indicates bodywork or repairs, which indicates an accident. Make sure you get the full vehicle history report to find out what happened because accidents can bring down the resale value of the vehicle and also mean future repairs for you to pay for.

Sign #7: You spot rust. Rust is expensive and difficult to fix, and it also indicates that the car was not well cared for during its ownership. Who knows what else was neglected in terms of maintenance?

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