Toyota of N Charlotte shares 5 truck shopping tips

"2018 Toyota Tundra"Shopping for a new truck is a lot more than just hopping behind the wheel to see if you like it and then hitting the road. There are so many options to sift through, and it can be a little overwhelming when you’re faced with all those choices. Toyota of N Charlotte has 5 solid tips to help you tackle shopping like a pro. Keep your process easy and stress-free and ride home in a vehicle you love!

Shop for a truck with ease – use our tips!

Tip #1: Be ready with a new budget.

Trucks are just more expensive than cars, hands-down. They’re bigger, more powerful, and have more special features aimed at enhancing your performance and taking your drive time to a new level. Be ready for the increased price as well as possible higher fuel and insurance costs. Plot out your budget accordingly!

Tip #2: Ask yourself why you need this truck.

Why do you need this vehicle? What are you going to be doing in terms of performance? Do you need something spacious to carry passengers in comfort? Are you going to be doing a lot of off-roading? How about towing – are you going to be pulling something small, or pulling heavy amounts on a regular basis? And don’t forget hauling; will you be carrying a heavy load when it comes to work supplies?

Tip #3: Think about what you’re going to be towing and hauling.

You’re going to need to decide on the “duty” type you want when you’re shopping for a new N Charlotte Toyota truck. This translates to how much weight the vehicle can handle! Trucks are typically ranked as light-, medium-, or heavy-duty and you need to decide which is going to be the best fit for your performance needs BEFORE you start shopping to help narrow your options and allay confusion.

Decide the details about your N Charlotte Toyota BEFORE you shop

Tip #4: Decide the details.

What trim-level will you choose based on the features, stylistic elements, and technology you want? What about engine size – which engine will give you the performance punch you need for your drive time? You’ll also have to consider cab size, which will affect how many people can be inside the cabin, as well as bed size – typically you’ll choose between short, regular, and long depending on what you’re planning to haul.

Tip #5: Research licenses and registration.

Did you know that with larger trucks you sometimes have to pay more for a different type of registration? If your new ride is big enough, you may even need a different type of driver’s license. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends looking into all of this BEFORE you buy to save yourself a headache, and also to ensure you can work these costs into your overall budget.

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