New Surveillance Video of Man Accused in Kings Mountain Shooting & Stabbing

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. – Police are searching for a robbery suspect who shot or stabbed multiple people inside a smoke shop on York Road in Kings Mountain. The suspect drove off in an employee’s SUV.

Investigators released a surveillance video showing the suspect. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office says two people were shot and another person stabbed.

Kings Mountain Police say a fourth person was injured but haven’t said how.

“We were on our way to Food Lion and Dollar Tree and we saw all the cars and everything,” said Eddie Wellmon.

Wellmon and Trevor Sisk arrived at the scene shortly after it happened just before 1:00 Wednesday afternoon.

“The blood up here on the sidewalk here at the Dollar Tree where the ambulance picked up somebody that was either shot or stabbed,” Wellmon says.

Investigators say the suspect came inside demanding money, then ended up in a struggle with employees. Police responded after someone called 911 and hung up.

Wellmon says he’s worried about the store’s owner. “I know the lady. She’s just as sweet as she can be,” he says.

Investigators say the suspect took off in an employee’s 2018 Toyota RAV4. They say it’s burgundy or maroon with a 30-day temporary paper tag.

“It’s surprising something like this happens in a small town like Kings Mountain. Cause normally it’s just a little, everybody knows everybody,” Wellmon says.