Women Being Targeted As They Leave Work At South Charlotte Night Club

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Women being targeted as they leave work in South Charlotte. Two women have been attacked less than two weeks apart.

Police say men are following women from the nightclub where they work. Both women were robbed, and one was sexually assaulted.

A 19-year-old woman left work at Club Onyx on old Pineville Road early Wednesday morning, and went home to her apartment on River Birch Drive in South Charlotte. That’s when police say she heard voices and went to her front door to check it out.

“She saw that there were two black males standing outside her door wearing dark clothes and had bandannas over their faces,” says Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Lt. Muriel Hughes.

She told police the men had guns and forced their way into the apartment. One sexually assaulted her while the other robber her and her roommate. On July 14th, CMPD says another Onyx employee was followed when she left the club. She was trying to turn her car around when a man got out of a dark colored car, and robbed her at gunpoint. CMPD says there’s probably a second suspect who was driving. Police say the suspects are preying on woman.

“They know who they’re actually targeting, and they know their targeted maybe because they’re coming out of this club and they have some type of monetary value on them.”

WCCB tried to talk to one of the managers of club Onyx, but he said he has no comment. A man who works near the club, talked to WCCB. He didn’t want to be identified.

“That type of crowd,

you know what to expect. You know people out there who want to make a quick hustle, you know quick steal like almost robbing a bank.”

Anyone with information is asked to immediately call 911 or Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600