People In Charlotte And Around The World Remembering The “Queen of Soul”

CHARLOTTE, NC. — People in Charlotte and around the world are remembering the “Queen of Soul”. Aretha Franklin died this morning at her home in Detroit, after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

To Hattie Leeper, the “Queen of Soul” was just Aretha.

“She enjoyed eating, she loved to talk about food, that was one of her weaknesses,” says Leeper.

Their friendship started when Hattie was a radio DJ in Charlotte, and Aretha was a budding young artist. Hattie would fly to New York and sit in the recording studio with Franklin for hours.

“Her sweet spirit. She was a person you could talk to about most anything because she was sincere.”

Jimmy Parker’s record store sells dozens of Aretha Franklin albums. He remembers her as an 18-time Grammy winner, and first woman admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“When you heard Aretha’s music, you knew it was Aretha,” says the owner of Repo Records.

The soul singer, influencing Charlotte singer and songwriter Anthony Hamilton. He says he didn’t have to meet Franklin to know her soul.

“Aretha allowed you to feel, what life was, whether it was sweet, whether it was bitter, whether it was heart break, love, triumph,” says Hamilton.

A spokesperson for the Franklin family says details of her funeral will be announced in coming days, likely early next week.